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Top web conferencing, live e-learning and webinar services at below market pricing

Add visual power to your next conference

Would your last conference call have been more productive if you had been able to use visual aids? Would it have helped to be able to share the documents, programs, or applications you were working on with your co-workers? Or make a PowerPoint presentation to clients, employees or shareholders?

Of course it would! If everyone could see the same thing on their screen at the same time, and make changes and comments in real time, everyone would probably leave the conference call feeling like their time was much more productive.  And they would save significant time and money over traveling to accomplish the same tasks!

Placeware web site

Instead of trying to make one platform work for all of your needs, you now have one source from which to choose the most effective solution(s) for each of your needs. We offer many of the top performing web conferencing, webinar and online training services at some of the lowest prices available today. For a detailed comparison of each of these technologies Click Here For a demo of our products Click Here

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Used in combination with an audio teleconference, one experiences highly interactive applications including sales, customer service, training, marketing, engineering, and business development.

Call us at anytime to discuss your specific goals. Arrange for a FREE DEMO of one or all of these leading edge technologies!  WE HAVE THE BEST –OF-THE-BEST! We will provide you with the lowest cost, most effective web conferencing, webinar, webcasting or live e-learning services to best meet each of your needs.


Raindance web site Instant Conferencing Anytime, Anywhere is the most basic of the web conferencing products and allows the moderator to give the audience a basic PowerPoint presentation over the web.  Participants only need a phone and an Internet connection.  By combining the phone and the computer, users can leverage easy to use conferencing tools to improve productivity.   From the phone or web, you can begin a reservationless conference instantly and record your meeting for later playback. - Cost effective presentation tool                                       

Imagine that you are talking to one or more clients or colleagues on the telephone, and need to use a slide, spreadsheet, floor plan or anything else from an application on your computer to illustrate the point you are trying to make.  In the past there would have been no easy way to get the information in front of everyone immediately, securely and cost effectively. Using unique patent pending technology, lets you select and then display any material from your computer onto the screen of any device that can access the Internet. It's fast and transparently easy for your clients.

Loudeye Express™ - Basic and cost effective                                       

Over 80% of all web conferencing meetings consist of slide presentations and a conference call—and nothing else! Yet most services include features that make web conferencing needlessly complicated and expensive. Loudeye provides the features you want and need, without the cost and complexity of today's web conference products. Simpler and more affordable, our Loudeye Express™ is the new standard for Reservationless Web Conferencing. Combined with a conference call, Loudeye Express makes it surprisingly easy to deliver presentations to groups of 2 or 10,000 around the globe—with one touch of a button.

Application Sharing™- Comprehensive/Mac compatible™ is a hosted service, eliminating the need for investment in hardware, software installation, and maintenance. Your A+ Web Conferencing Services can be tailored to your company's needs with configurable features and a rich set of interactive, multimedia meeting features that enable communication and collaboration worldwide. 

This is the tool to use if your company has McIntosh computers.

Raindance web site Feature rich presentations

A+ Web Pro sets the benchmark for simplicity while allowing you to conduct web-based meetings and seminars that improve production, reduce cost and increase revenue.  Visually much, share any application, display slides, get feedback with chat and polling or take everyone on a web tour - all through an easy-to-navigate interface.

Training & Seminars

Raindance web site Feature Rich Seminar and Training                   

All the features of with expanded management tools such as event scheduling, polling, Q&A text interaction, registration management and guest lists are available to you with just a few mouse clicks.

A+ Conferencing’s is an efficient, intuitive conferencing solution with true integration of audio and data. Improve productivity by sharing content, getting real-time interaction with participants and managing meetings from your desktop. Share any application, display slides, get feedback with chat and polling or take everyone on a web tour - all through an easy-to-navigate interface.

Placeware™- recently acquired by Microsoft                         

PlaceWare Conference Center lets you communicate with all your mployees, clients or customers, wherever they may be, in a fraction of the time—and at a fraction of the cost—of on-site meetings. So whether you need to reach a group of 2 or 2500, with PlaceWare Conference Center it's quick, easy and affordable. And all you need is a phone, an Internet connection and a web browser.

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