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Get face-to-face in your next conference with A+ Conferencing
A+ Video Conferencing Services offers the most comprehensive, flexible and dynamic communications environment today. Depending on your technology, A+ can provide your video conference in the comfort of your office or provide local facilities for the conference

A+ Conferencing Service Benefits

Time - Most video conferences are two or fewer hours in duration. This means time spent getting to and from a meeting is often greater than the length of the meeting itself.

Cost - When compared to the expenses associated with travel to short meetings, the savings can be significantly increased.

Productivity - Video conferencing increases workplace productivity by alleviating the time and mental duress incurred through extensive travel.

Increased Participation - Visual participation results in more productive and interactive meetings and less need for debriefing those unable to attend.

More Timely and Frequent Communications - Video conferencing allows meetings to take place with little advanced notice and has allowed for shorter, more frequent interaction.

Visual Advantages - The visual aspects of video conferencing make multiple participants less cumbersome to deal with. Participants also cite the ability to share graphics interactively as a key advantage of video.

Please consult your sales representative for details, including technology requirements.


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