ConferencingCompany powered by A+ Conferencing is a collaboration of two professional service entities, both dedicated to meeting our clients’ teleconferencing needs. The heightened interest and dramatically enhanced conference calling technology lead to the establishment of Conferencing a firm that strives to provide it's customers with "the best of class" services – audio, web and video conference services and equipment at DISCOUNTED prices.

ConferencingCompany leader is Bob Mandell who has been involved in the telecommunications field for over twenty years. A former GTE and Corning Glass Works executive, Bob was a partner of an international management consulting firm - Case & Company and an Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University. Most recently he has been a telecommunications consultant and began focusing on the conference calling field several years ago. ConferencingCompany role in the collaboration is in the sales and marketing area!

A+ Conferencing Inc.

A+ Conferencing is a full service teleconferencing company and is headed by Mike Burns who has been in this industry since 1988. Mike, a former ATT and Southwestern Bell executive, has assembled a dedicated and talented management team that combines decades of experience in the teleconferencing industry. The support staff numbers approximately 145 multi-disciplinary people who provide best of breed audio, web and video conference services and technology. A+ is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Important to A+’s business model - when you call a live person answers the phone and promptly attends to your needs – a refreshing thought!

5629 Strand Blvd. Suite 406
Naples, FL 34110

A+ Conferencing, Inc.
3600 Gessner Street
Suite 250
Houston, TX 77063


AUDIO CONFERENCING Technical Infrastructure

In order to fulfill the most sophisticated and wide ranging audio requirements, A+ has a significant technical infrastructure for conference calling. A+ utilizes Multi-Link System 70 & 700 and Octave 1000 digital bridges co-located in three ILEC megacenters throughout the United States. They currently have 6000 ports of capacity with approximately 17,000 additional overflow ports and are presently buying a new bridge every 3 months. Our local access is provided by each ILEC and they are on fiber from their building directly to their carrier's POP's with full redundancy.

Disaster Recovery
The A+ systems are totally redundant. They have four network carriers with multiple entry points into our building. They have total emergency back up systems with diesel generators that can run seamlessly on any power outages.

WEB CONFERENCING Technical Infrastructure
In the web conference area, A+ has a “Web Conferencing Store” concept where the client can chose from a variety of top rated technologies including Web Ex, Raindance and Placeware, and others, all at prices lower than they are available direct due to the A+ buying power.
VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLING Technical Infrastructure
In the video conference area, we use the services of a worldwide network of public rooms and the top rated equipment and systems for those who prefer the convenience of their own facility.


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