Conferencing Types

Low Cost Reservationless Audio Conferencing -

You conduct your conference calls without making a reservation or using an operator, although we offer live customer service should there be a problem with the call. All of the conferees simply dial a pre-assigned telephone number and enter a four digit pin code at the appropriate time. Everyone is then automatically connected together.

This cost effective service is offered in the toll-free reservationless and local reservationless flavors. In the toll-free service, the moderator pays both the "conference bridge" cost as well as the long distance cost for each conferee on the call. In contrast with the local service, the moderator pays only for the "conference bridge" cost of the call and then each conferee then pays his or her own long distance calls.

Operator Dial-Out Conferencing -

Our operators dial all of the conferees in this more labor intensive and more expensive type of conferencing. The operators take attendance by performing a roll-call and then turn the conference over to the moderator.

Operator assisted calls -

Your conferees call into either a regular POTS or a toll-free number on our bridge. Our operators answer each call and place the conferees into the appropriate conference at the proper time.


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